Nyah Has an Adventure (webcomic)

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This article is about the comic. For the unrelated webseries with the same name, see Nyah Has an Adventure (animated series).
Nyah Has an Adventure
Nyah balancing on one leg in shallow water.
Nyah as she appears in the comic.
Author(s) Darien Brice Dickinson
Website http://neonwabbit.com/nyah/comic/
Current status / schedule On hiatus
Launch date September 23, 2015
End date March 16, 2016
Alternate name(s) The Nyah Comic
Publisher(s) The Fishal Project
Genre(s) Comic
Science fiction
Rating(s) MA15+
Followed by Nyah Spin-Off Comics

Nyah Has an Adventure is a 30-chapter webcomic written and drawn by Darien Brice Dickinson. Loosely based on a character designed by Jordyn-Rae Morrison, the comic made its debut in a private Facebook group on September 23, 2015, before being posted to its own section of NeonWabbit's website. It is currently on hiatus, and no new strips will be posted until the completion of the animated series, as the plot of the comic is completely different from the series, and having two different series with the same name running at the same time would cause confusion.

The comic centers around the antics of Nyah - a female tadpole-like bipedal creature known as an Aquabirb who can't speak English, but is allowed to freely roam around the comic's setting, and do whatever she wants as human law doesn't apply to her.




Chapter 1: Nyah's Convention Adventure (#001 - ???)

In 2015, on the planet Earth (in an enhanced alternate universe), Nyah's head gets hit by an arrow from an unknown source, and she blacks out after screaming. She washes up on a beach in a relatively unknown city where a spiky-haired entrepreneur mistakes her look for a costume and rumbles through her "pocket" to find some proper identification. Upon finding none, they wake Nyah up and offer free flights to a cosplay convention, giving Nyah their passport. After a brief explanation of what a pocket is, the story continues with Nyah at the airport, surprising a security personnel with a pirahna she stashed in her pocket, and is then told to proceed to the gate. (#001 - #004)

Chapter 2: Nyah on the Run

Synopsis: Nyah escapes an angry mob by hiding in one of the entreprenuer's passenger jets.

Chapter 3: Theme Park Nyah

Synopsis: Nyah visits an amusement park.

Chapter 4: Party All Nyaht

Synopsis: Nyah parties to meet new friends.

Chapter 5: Nyah on Film

Synopsis: Nyah directs a film starring herself.

Chapter 6: Magic Nyah

Synopsis: Nyah shows her new friends a few magic tricks.

Chapter 7: Nyah Gets Educated

Synopsis: Nyah learns that magic isn't real.

Chapter 8: Nyah Goes Shopping

Synopsis: Nyah wins the lottery and spends it all in an unfortunate manner.

Chapter 9: Nyah's Pet

Synopsis: Nyah raises a pet penguin from her earlier shopping spree.

Chapter 10: The Nyah Forecast

Synopsis: Nyah gets a vision of the future but can't communicate it properly.

Chapter 11: Nyahgate Was An Inside Job

Synopsis: Nyah gets shamed by the public after her prediction seemingly doesn't come true.

Chapter 12: Nyah's Hobbies

Synopsis: Nyah shares some of her hobbies.

Chapter 13: Secret Agent Nyah

Synopsis: Nyah is hired by a government agency because nobody would suspect the most standout character.

Chapter 14: World War Nyah

Synopsis: Nyah accidentally starts a world war.

Chapter 15: The Sound of Nyah

Synopsis: Nyah stops the war by forming a band.

Chapter 16: Nyah Gets Corporate

Synopsis: Nyah manages a company focused on restoring the war-torn world.

Chapter 17: Nyah the Mechanic

Synopsis: Nyah gets claws-on with one of the restoration workplaces she founded.

Chapter 18: Nyah's Children?

Synopsis: Nyah meets a pair of twins claiming to be her children.

Chapter 19: Nyah Plays Ball

Synopsis: Nyah does sports.

Chapter 20: Country Nyah

Synopsis: Nyah visits the country side.

Chapter 21: Nyah at the Bar

Synopsis: Nyah tries partying again.

Chapter 22: All You Can Nyah

Synopsis: Nyah eats all of the sushi in a restuarant.

Chapter 23: Nyah Mountain

Synopsis: Nyah goes on a trek through a cave for treasure.

Chapter 24: Nyah Appreciates Art

Synopsis: Nyah tries being an art critic.

Chapter 25: Nyah Surfs the Web

Synopsis: Nyah learns about online horrors.

Chapter 26: Nyah and the MOBA

Synopsis: Nyah plays a MOBA.

Chapter 27: Museum of Nyah

Synopsis: Nyah visits a museum.

Chapter 28: Nyah in Space

Synopsis: Nyah finds herself in space.

Chapter 29: Nyah Through Time

Synopsis: Nyah finds herself in the past and the future at the same time.

Chapter 30: The Origin of Nyah

Synopsis: Nyah learns her origin story.



Happy-go-lucky Nyah is always around to help those in need or accidentally cause trouble. She has no memory of where she came from or who she's related too, but it does seem like she's the last of her kind. Even if she did know, she cannot properly convey this, as she has a limited understanding of the human language. With features that seem to be taken from lampreys, birds, tadpoles and other creatures, you would think that she is an experiment created by humans, but alas, this is not so. Rules set by the Global Human Government allows her to live a relatively peaceful life in Earth 2, and she doesn't think she deserves any special treatment, but people still become jealous of her. Potential suitors also line up for miles to see if she will she ever find love in them. Probably not.


The comic is made entirely in Paint Tool SAI, with a strict four layers rule. The rough sketch layer (which gets re-purposed after the inks are in), the inking layer, then colour layer and the special effects layer, where lighting effects are added, such as the glow of the "pocket" entrances.


The comics have received extremely positive to mixed reactions. Some criticisms are that the story and handwriting is hard to understand, and the art is sub-par, when compared to the animated series' version of Nyah.

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