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This article is about the animated webseries. For the unrelated webcomic of the same name, see Nyah Has an Adventure (webcomic).
Nyah Has an Adventure
The four main characters from the original cast poster: Nyah, Lone, Arph and Skye.
The main characters.
From left to right: Nyah, Lone, Arph and Skye.
Also known as The Nyah Webseries
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Satire
  • Science-fiction
  • Sitcom
  • Slice-of-Life
Based on The character Nyah,
a mistake by
by Jordyn-Rae Morrison
Developed by Darien Brice Dickinson
Written by Darien Brice Dickinson
Directed by Darien Brice Dickinson
Creative director(s) Darien Brice Dickinson
Voices of Darien Brice Dickinson
(animatics only)
Theme music composer Darien Brice Dickinson
Opening theme "Nyah Ha Ha~!"
(Season 1)
Ending theme "Music of the Aquabirb"
(Season 1)
Composer(s) Darien Brice Dickinson
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Darien Brice Dickinson
  • Zac Amos
  • Sarah Gee
  • CJ Harrison
  • Vanessa Hoang
  • John Huynh
  • Jordyn-Rae Morrison
  • David Teh
  • Harold Tulloch
  • Ayeshaa Uddin
  • Genuel Zapanta
Editor(s) Darien Brice Dickinson
Running time 22-26 minutes
(per episode)
Production company(s) Studio RGB-Newt
Distributor The Fishal Project
Budget $0.00 AUD
Original network YouTube
Picture format 4K UHD
Audio format Stereo
Followed by Nyah Has a Movie (TBA)
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Nyah Has an Adventure is a slice-of-life animated series produced by NeonWabbit's Studio RGB-Newt and distributed by The Fishal Project. The series is based on a character design which Jordyn-Rae Morrison first drew on a whiteboard wall at Raffles College of Design and Commerce in June 2015. In her words, this character was a mistake, which is why the series' opening titles include the words "Based on the Mistake by Jordyn-Rae Morrison". The series is still in the pre-production and writing phase of the animation process, with the exception of a handful of gags which have already been storyboarded, have produced animatics or have been animated completely.

The show follows Nyah, a tadpole parasite disguised as a rare aquabirb creature, as she lives her life in post-World War III Australia. As she can't speak proper English, her three English-speaking creature friends, Lone, Arph and Skye, are there to help the story progress, in a world still populated mostly by humans.

A spin-off abridged series, Nyah Has an Abridged Series, has shorter episodes - each loosely based on the plot of the main series' episodes, but with its own original story and more immature heavily adult-oriented jokes, and is also currently in development. Following the conclusion of both the main series and the abridged series, production on the feature-length Nyah Has a Movie will begin.


Nyah is living peacefully by herself in a rainforest until one day when a stray arrow strikes her through the head and her scream alerts the humans of her presence. Due to similar non-human creatures recently making themselves known to the public over the past few years, her appearance is nothing shocking, and after confirming that she isn't an alien from outer space or a mad scientist's experiment gone wrong, she is granted citizenship and now must live as a human would because of certain new laws preventing Australian citizens from being "useless, homeless garbage".

At the government's citizenship test facility for adapting creatures to human society, Nyah is paired up with Lone - a penguin creature who isn't human-shaped like all the other currently discovered creatures. This leads to him being denied citizenship as he is too much like an actual penguin animal in appearance (with the government officials mostly pointing out that his lack of hands will prevent him from doing certain jobs). Lone would be sent to be an attraction at a zoo if he didn't get adopted as a pet, so he somehow accidentally blackmails Nyah into temporarily adopting him. While Nyah and Lone search for a lawyer to help get Lone some form of citizenship, they meet Arph, a dog creature, and his childhood friend Skye, a cat creature. The group of four decide they'll become best friends and live normal, boring lives as they don't want to draw too much attention to themselves for being different than humans.



In June 2015, Jordyn-Rae Morrison drew the first known public sketch of Nyah on a whiteboard wall at Raffles College of Design and Commerce, and students followed this up with other possible ideas and more drawings of the character. The character had an arrow through its head, so Darien Brice Dickinson got to work on a comic about how that arrow might have got there and what her reaction would be. This comic evolved into a webcomic, also titled Nyah Has an Adventure, and is to have 30 short chapters. Unhappy with the way in which the comic was proceeding, Darien placed it on hiatus and figured that a completely brand new story told through animation was a better way to showcase the character of Nyah.


Producer credits

Some Digital Media students at Raffles who were in the room at the time of Nyah's conception are currently equally credited as producers on the series, without them even having to do anything. They may request to have a different credit at any time, or to be removed from the credits entirely, if they may so choose.


Currently, the main plotlines for all 52 episodes are set in stone. However, certain stories, sketches and jokes within the episodes may still be contributed by people other than Darien, and these people will be fully credited as writers for all the episodes their writing is used in.

The series is storyboard-driven, which means most writing comes from pitched storyboards and animatics, rather than being fully written out in script format.

Voice actors

Voices have not been found yet, as the scripts are not complete. Darien will temporarily voice nearly every character during the animatic phase of production, along with some text-to-speech voices.


The current plan for the animation is to do everything in Toon Boon Harmony. A 2D puppet rig of Nyah from various angles was previously compiled in Adobe Animate (previously Adobe Flash), but new 2D puppet rigs of all the characters have since been compiled in Harmony.

Non-secrecy of finale plot

Throughout the entire production run and within the description of each episodes release, it will be made clear that the final episode features Nyah being thrown in front of a train, where she then "explodes on impact". While this is exactly what happens, this information is usually followed up by the fact that there will be a feature-length film that has a plot which takes place after the series finale.

Revealing the true ending of the series finale like this is a "social experiment" to find out if people will even watch the show or not when the way it ends is constantly being spoiled for them. The results of this experiment will help the development of other productions, among other things, such as seeing if people will still spoil the ending for others when everyone should already be well aware of what happens.


Nyah, Lone, Arph and Skye are "creatures" who make up the group of friends that serve as the main cast for the series. Recurring characters include humans, animals and other creatures. Nyah and Lone live in an apartment in Sydney, while Arph and Skye are neighbours in an currently unnamed suburb outside Sydney.

Main characters

  • Nyah (age 19) is a happy-go-lucky aquabirb creature who, despite the title of the series, doesn't want to go on any adventures, and would rather stay in her apartment and downstairs Sushi Bar and Grill, wanting opportunities of fun to come to her instead. Nyah was discovered in a rainforest after an arrow got shot into her head, and her scream alerted people to her presence. Due to her upbringing, Nyah can only say her own name and things that sound similar to it. For example, instead of saying "Yes" or "No", she will say "Ny-es" or "Nyo", respectively.
  • Lone (age 18) is a penguin creature who was initially denied citizenship, so he pretends to be Nyah's pet so he can then legally live in the big city without being a citizen of the country. As a pet, the government won't be allowed to force him to work in a countryside farm or even make him property of the Zoo, as they do with other non-citizen animals. Despite his pretense as a pet, he considers himself the leader of the group as he's always finding tasks for all of them to do together and he is also certainly the most organised of the four.
  • Arph (age 20) is a dog creature. He was one of the first creatures to be discovered when he was only 5, and was given to a family who let him go to public schools instead of home-schooling him, which lead to some mental scars from bullying as he was the only "different" one. While he did okay in school, he now wears a business suit in public because the family he grew up with told him it would make him "look smart". Despite the business suit look, he is pretty laid back, unemployed, and at times will say the first thing that comes to mind without thinking.
  • Skye (age 19) is a cat creature with old, mechanical cyborg parts from the early 2000s due to an accident which caused her to lose her eyes, one of her ears and three of her four limbs in her early years. Due to the trauma and some of the cyborg parts sending mixed signals, she developed a multiple personality disorder. Skye has three main personalities that are distinguishable by the different RGB LEDs that light up on her robotic ear. These three personalities still consider herself to be a trendy tomboy, and she will therefore be the first to jump to action at the sign of any danger, unless that's currently not the cool thing to do. She wears a custom-designed jumpsuit which houses some of the parts for the computer in her head, along with some so-called "technical tentacles" that she added in recent years, which will help her pick things up or move around if her old mechanical arm or legs lock up, as some early technology sometimes tends to do. Along with her new mechanical parts, the doctors patched both of her pupils into the shape of a keyhole, and she is certain she has a fourth personality that knows why her eyes now look like that, but that personality never seems to come up. Most characters are bored when she has to tell her long and depressing backstory to them.

Recurring characters



Series overview

Nyah and friends live their average day-to-day lives, discuss philosophical things, provide meta commentary on things that happen during the show's writing and production phases, and sometimes get into all sorts of hilarious, serious and/or depressing situations, exactly like a Japanese slice-of-life anime, but adapted for more western audiences. At the end of the series, Nyah is thrown in front of a train where she "explodes on impact". This event sets up the feature-length movie which will serve as the real finale to the series, unless there is heavy demand for more after the fitting end that the movie provides.



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