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Nyah Has an Adventure character
Lone ID.png
First appearance Enter: Nyah
Last appearance Nyah Has a Movie
Created by Darien Brice Dickinson
Additional design by Damon Smith
Full name Lonepann
Species Penguin creature
Gender Male
  • Nyah's interpreter
  • Restaurant manager
Born 2000
  • 17 (season 1)
  • 18 (season 2)
  • 29 (movie)

Lone (short for Lonepann) is a main character of the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure. Lone was created by Darien Brice Dickinson in 2010, with the help of fellow Ashfield Boys High School student Damon Smith, and adapted as a character for the Nyah series initially due to both characters' love for fish.

In the series, Lone cannot secure a proper occupation due to his lack of hands, and is forced to live with Nyah as he has nowhere else to go. He spends his time organising and setting up various activities for Nyah, himself, and their other two friends (Arph and Skye).

Character sheet


The last four letters of Lone's full name "Lonepann", was derived from "penguin", and the need to have two main cast members whose 8-character long full names ended in the letter N. Lone's name refers to the fact that he is the only person classified as a creature who is not anthropomorphic, like all the others, and thus he is "a-lone".

Lone was hatched in Antarctica, from a penguin creature egg on February 29, 2000, also known as Leap Year Day. As Leap Year Day only comes once every four years, he celebrates his birthday on the first day of March, making him 17 years old for the majority of Season 1.

Lone has sloppy handwriting, due to the way he wraps his wing around any drawing tools. When Lone temporarily has an anthropomorphic form during the latter half of Season 1, he is also ambisinistrous, as he did not grow up with any hands.


File:Turnaround Lone.png
Turnaround sheet.

Lone's main appearance throughout the series is that of a non-anthropomorphic penguin creature. The colour of Lone's feathers is olive-green, while his hair uses a darker shade of that same green.

Lone keeps his hair short and spiky. He does not have any visible ear flaps, but can hear through a tiny hole on each side (covered up by his feathers), as per regular penguins. Lone's eyes are white, with black ovals containing two white shines acting as his pupils. His nose is part of his beak, which also contains carnivorous teeth.

His penguin-like tail stretches the entirety of his body's width, beginning at the last 1/6th of his body's height.

Health and Image

Lone has no need for exercise, but is still considered to not be fit. He rarely trips, even as he waddles around without legs. He cannot avoid fast-moving objects, and has to fall flat to the ground to avoid objects that are aimed for his head.

Lone not being anthropomorphic like other penguin creatures is considered an abnormality among the rest of creature-kind. A birth-mark of a teardrop can be found underneath his eye on his right side.

Lone wears a black top hat and a black bow-tie with an extension to look like a regular tie. He sometimes smells like eucalyptus.









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