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"Enter: Nyah"
Nyah Has an Adventure episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Directed by Darien Brice Dickinson
Written by
Darien Brice Dickinson
Produced by Darien Brice Dickinson
Editing by Darien Brice Dickinson
Production code NW-1NHA01
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"Life of an Aquabirb"
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"Enter: Nyah" is the pilot episode of the slice-of-life animated webseries Nyah Has an Adventure. In the episode, a 17-year-old Nyah is discovered in a rainforest, and spends the next three years learning how to adapt to human society.



In 2015, Nyah is calmly fishing for food in her rainforest home. An arrow strikes her through the head, causing her to scream loudly enough to draw attention from nearby humans on a camping trip. The campers alert the Australian government to her presence. While a secret agent tries to scan her DNA with a Ancestry Device to make sure she isn't a parasite, she knocks it to the ground where it breaks, and even though she doesn't have a completed DNA test, she is brought by helicopter to a learning facility for non-human "creatures" anyway, where the government adapt creatures to human society.

Three years later, Nyah (now 19-years-old) is sat outside an office, waiting for her final exam results. It is here where she meets Lone, who is also waiting for the same thing. Lone notices a Missing poster from nearly two decades ago on a table and comments how the girl on the poster, Samantha, went missing in the rainforest that Nyah came from. Lone jokes that Samantha and Nyah are the same person, which causes Nyah to sprint quickly towards Lone, rip up the Missing poster, and menacingly hold a claw in the air - ready to strike Lone. Before she can bring her claw down, someone announces their results. Nyah passed everything except English, and Lone just barely got a passing mark on everything.

At the job centre, Lone fails to find a job due to his lack of hands, even though he has the necessary qualifications. Nyah decides to skip her job search for now to help Lone out with this discriminatory issue. Seeking out a lawyer, they are directed to Arph, who is new to the profession. Realizing they don't have a place to live yet, Arph invites them to his house, where they meet his next door neighbour, Skye. The group of four ultimately decide to be friends, but Skye brings up the question of what species Nyah is. Nyah shoots an evil look towards Skye, but Lone calms her down by throwing part of his fish dinner in her mouth. Arph then tells Nyah and Lone to make themselves at home, and that he'll stay over at Skye's place next door for the night, a plan which goes against Skye's wishes for some reason. When Nyah and Lone are left alone, Lone once again asks her what species she is, and she just rolls her eyes and goes upstairs to bed.

The next day, the group of four are in a library to help Lone with his legal issues. Skye decides to pull Arph and Lone aside to get them to also put some research into Nyah's species too. One of the campers from three years earlier arrives to drop off the remains of the Ancestry Device (that got broken by Nyah) into the library's archival bin. Lone motions to Skye to pick it up and take a look. It is still broken, but Skye grows a few tentacles out of her back and uses them to get to work on fixing it, much to the surprise of Lone. Arph just shrugs like he's already seen Skye use these tentacles before. Lone asks why she has tentacles if she's cat, before finally noticing the tentacles, one of her ears, and all of her arms and legs are made of metal. Skye says she had to become a cyborg due to injuries sustained as a child.

After the device is fixed, it's stuck at "99% scanned", so the three chase Nyah around the library to scan her and get the last percentage. At 100% completion, the results are "50% Parasite, 50% Human". Skye drops and breaks the device again, and starts to scream and point at Nyah, but Arph and Lone cover her mouth to shush her. They ask her what's wrong, and she tells them both in a whisper that Nyah is a parasite. Arph says that this is impossible because parasites went extinct in the war and are illegal enough to be shot on sight, so the government would've offed her ages ago. Lone says the government must have confused her for a mythical Aquabirb creature, pulling out a book to prove his point. The book details that the only difference between an Aquabirb creature and a parasite is that aquabirbs have natural births and grow up to look somewhat like Nyah does, but parasites have unnatural births and must find a host body within a day or starve to death as they have no mouths in their earliest form.

The three tell Nyah they know what she is and she gives them an inquisitive look and points to her sharp teeth. The three retreat and huddle in a circle again and ask questions like "Is she gonna eat us if we tell someone else?", "Where'd she get a host body?" and "Which species of fish and bird make up her parasite form anyway?". To figure out the answer to one of these questions, Lone suggests to "do what they did in that Hitchhiking story and pull letters out of a Scr*bble bag that will spell out the deep thought or question which we should all be asking ourselves". Arph says how oddly specific that reference is, but they agree to do it. They bring Nyah the board game and get her to pull letters out of the bag. All that comes out is a randomized sequence of letters and numbers. Skye makes a comment about how there shouldn't be numbers in the bag, leading Lone to bring up the TV game show "Letters and Numbers", where contestants get random letters and must spell something out of them.

In the end, they somehow spell the phrase "WHAT DO YOU GET IF A SHARK DECIDES TO BREAD WITH A CROW", and they slowly turn and look at Nyah. Skye throws her hands in the air, says "Okay, I'm done." and leaves. Arph and Lone call her to come back as one of the words is misspelled, and she responds how she can't get that mental image out of her head, but she then sees something that might help. After a loud thump and a screeching cat noise, the remaining three tilt their head downwards, implying she hit herself in the head and fell down to the floor off-screen. Arph remarks "...I guess you could say ignorance is bliss!" and everyone in the library (except Skye) starts laughing like mad. Lone stops laughing after a while and says "I don't get it." and the episode ends.

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