Nyah Has an Adventure character
Arph ID.png
First appearance Enter: Nyah
Last appearance Nyah Has a Movie
Created by Darien Brice Dickinson
Additional design by CanisAries
Full name Arphedan
Species Dog creature
Gender Male
  • Government bureaucrat
Born 1997
  • 20 (season 1)
  • 21 (season 2)
  • 32 (movie)

Arph (short for Arphedan) is a main character of the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure. Arph was created by Darien Brice Dickinson in 2007, as a comic character called Dan the Dog. In 2016, this name was changed to "Arph", as a reference to sounds dogs make, and due to being part of the main cast, which needed a character with another 4-letter name that ended with the letter "h". Arph's full name references his original name.

In the series, Arph runs errands for the government, and meets Nyah and Lone when he gives them the keys to their new home. When his childhood friend Skye moves in next door to him, he introduces her to them.

Character sheet


Arphedan's name refers to a canine's bark and an early version of the character called Dan the Dog. The short 4-character long version of the name also had to end in the letter H, and the long 8-character version of the name had to end in the letter N.

He had a natural birth in 1997 to dog creature parents, in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia. Reportedly, his first words were "ignorance is bliss".

Arph is right-handed, and has fancy handwriting.


File:Turnaround Arph.png
Turnaround sheet.

Arph's only appearance throughout the series is that of a dog creature.

Arph's fur is coloured white, dark-red, and brown, designed to match that of an Australian Shepherd.

Arph is technically bald, as he doesn't have any additional hair on top of his head, like most other creatures do. His ears are long and pointy. His eyes are white, with blue pupils. He has a regular dog's nose and carnivorous teeth.

His dog-like tail is dark-red and medium-length.

Health and Image

Arph keeps very fit and muscular by exercising whenever he can. He is light on his feet, and can catch the arms and legs of people attempting to punch or kick him, but has not so much luck catching small, inanimate objects, like balls.

While on the job, Arph wears a light-grey business suit, with a dark-blue shirt and light-blue tie. Outside of work, he prefers wearing a dark-blue sleeveless shirt and dark-grey shorts. Arph takes up learning instruments that don't require much effort to play, such as the triangle, as a joke. His scent is that of a clean pet dog, with a hint of burnt, smokey wood.


Arph speaks in a deep pitch, and despite being a jokester himself, only laughs at other people's jokes with a "Heh."


Arph's IQ is normal, and he has good memory. His temperament is melancholic. His learning style is social. He is emotionally stable.

Arph understands and interacts with others very well. Arph understands his own self very well. Arph is good with written and spoken words. Arph's perception to sounds, music, tones, and rhythms is clear. Arph understands their natural surroundings well. Arph can create and visualize images in their mind’s eye not too well. Arph can understand phenomena or questions beyond sensory data very well.







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