Surfman in the "NO" Race

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Surfman in the "NO" Race
Website YouTube
Uploaded TBA
Uploader Darien Brice Dickinson
Under the name NeonWabbit
Category Film & Animation

Surfman in the "NO" Race is the very first animation ever completed by NeonWabbit in 2004. It was made in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, and each slide was a different animation frame, thus viewers would have to hold down the right arrow key to play the animation in its entirety.

In 2012, there was an attempt at recreating the storyboard into a comic format using the exact same art style, but this was cancelled shortly thereafter. Finally, once again reusing the same 2004 art style, progress is underway of adapting the story into a proper traditional frame-by-frame animation to be released in 2018.






2004 release

Classmate and family reactions were mostly positive around the time of the initial 2004 release, although NeonWabbit was 8 years old back then, so they could've just been saying good things to spare his feelings.

2018 release


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