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Run, Dummy, Run
NeonWabbit Sound Cartoons series
The original pre-release poster, focusing on Dummy-B and Dummy-X.
Poster with the main characters:
Dummy-B and Dummy-X.
Directed by Darien Brice Dickinson
Story by Darien Brice Dickinson
Voices by Darien Brice Dickinson
Music by Darien Brice Dickinson
Animation by Darien Brice Dickinson
Studio Studio RGB-Newt
Distributed by The Fishal Project
Release date(s) TBA
Color process Monochrome
(with chromatic aberration)
Running time 1–10 minutes
(per episode)
Country Australia
Language English

Run, Dummy, Run is an animated series of comedic short films produced by NeonWabbit's Studio RGB-Newt and distributed by The Fishal Project. The series is based on multiple character designs that were hurriedly-made for a games development class that Darien Brice Dickinson took at Raffles College of Design and Commerce in early 2017.

In Nyah Has an Adventure, Nyah and her friends can be seen watching clips of the series, and make references to it because it sometimes parallels their own situation in life.

Run, Dummy, Run also appears in the series The Aussie Goldmine, but only as a show-within-a-show-within-a-show format during the scenes where characters from that series are watching Nyah Has an Adventure.


The shorts follows Dummy-B and Dummy-X, two bee cyborgs who have recently escaped from inhumane experiments performed on them in a crash-test dummy facility.

They spend their time getting into all sorts of crazy antics because they are not used to living a normal life.



In early 2017, Darien Brice Dickinson was taking a video game-related subject as an elective at Raffles College. One of the requirements was to come up with a game concept, so he quickly sketched out the first sketches of the lead characters Dummy-B and Dummy-X and level designs for a platformer game to be called Dummy-B.

The game concepts of the rest of the class were compared with each other, and ultimately another concept was chosen as the game to work on throughout the term instead.


The Dummy-B characters were then later reused in a later Raffles College subject on motion graphics, where Darien made a mock title sequence for a supposed animated series featuring the characters, although Dummy-X was mistakenly made to be more fat.

Some remnants of this version of the title sequence can be seen in the final version of the title sequence.


Screenplays for Run, Dummy, Run shorts are usually limited to two pages but will sometimes extend up to ten, depending on the story.

This is in comparison to The Aussie Goldmine which has a eight page limit per episode, and Nyah Has an Adventure which has a twenty-two page limit per episode.


All voices in the initial pilot short Walkabout were performed by Darien Brice Dickinson. Other voice actors were brought on later, as needed.


The creation of the animation for Run, Dummy, Run is documented in the short documentary Road to Run, Dummy, Run.


Main characters

  • Dummy-B, the leader of the dummy revolution that allowed their escape from the evil testing facility, Dummy-B is not as "dumb" as one may think. However, he does love to pretend to be clueless to throw others off-guard when they finally see his true personality.
  • Dummy-X, the latest-model cyborg bee produced by the facility, had no choice but to aid Dummy-B in his escape plan due to her x-ray vision powers. Over time, she fell for him, but has no way of conveying this to him as she is mute and doesn't know how to write.


Pilot episode

Title Director Production Number Release date Notes
Walkabout Darien Brice Dickinson NW-1RDR01 April 2018 Written in July 2017.


The first pilot episode Walkabout was distributed on Darien's personal NeonWabbit YouTube channel, while future shorts are to be released on The Fishal Project YouTube channel.

Merchandise and other media

No merchandise is planned at this time.


Songs from Run, Dummy, Run appear on the Studio RGB-Newt Sampler demo disc.



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