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Emem Ruoy Wonk: The Original Trilogy refers to entries which were submitted to Earth Prime's website Know Your Meme, which gently poked fun at the website and its memes in order to intice them to enjoy the memes which can be found in this universe and our website Emem Ruoy Wonk.

In the entries, it is continously claimed that the entries have been written by "12 year olds" forcing a 15 year old resident of the Earth Prime country Australia to write the entries for them. Of course, those 12 year olds were just Emem Ruoy Wonk's previous marketing team, who have since been fired.

Click the names in the headings to read the articles which have been re-formatted for this wiki, or look at the External Links section below to seem them as they were on the Know Your Meme website.

Emem Ruoy Wonk 1 (2011)

Emem Ruoy Wonk 1 (submitted to KYM as Know Your Meme) gives some generic information about Know Your Meme, starts going all Inception-like, gives a few examples of KYM memes, and then provides statistics before reciting some fanfiction and subiminal messages.

Emem Ruoy Wonk 2 (2011)

Emem Ruoy Wonk 2 (submitted to KYM as ™emeM ruoY wonK) hints at the existence of Emem Ruoy Wonk, talks about "Origin", a sandwich "Spread", Derivatives, shows an image of ERW memes, and then provides a video of the ERW logo before reciting more fanfiction.


INSERT PAGE TITLE HERE is not technically part of Emem Ruoy Wonk canon, but provides a few more interesting tidbits and ties-in to a certain part of ERW3.

Emem Ruoy Wonk 3 (2012)

Emem Ruoy Wonk 3 (submitted to KYM as ®ǝɯǝɯɹnoʎʍouʞ) first shows a Warning and an Author's Note before diving into Space, more wordplay on the "About", "Spread", "Derivatives" and "Notable Examples" sections, and provides even more multimedia (including images, literature, music and videos).

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